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Inbound marketing focuses on conveying the right content through the right channel at the right time – thus focusing on non-invasive marketing. It focuses on generating conversation or an action that is prompted by the customer, rather than irritating them with cold calls or interruptive ads. Inbound marketing draws people to your website when they are interested in solving their problem. You need a product or service which solves their problem and content that people love.

Their are 4 pillars to inbound marketing:

  1.  Optimized content (websites, blogs and social media) that focus on attracting visitors instead of annoying them with intrusive marketing messages.
  2. Quality website use effective calls-to-action to convert these prospects into leads. Contact forms can be used to collect information in exchange for your valuable content.
  3. Prospects should be converted into customers, and assisted through the purchase making decision, using email lead nurturing, lead scoring techniques, follow up workflows, and closed-loop reporting.
  4. A continuing relationship with the customer should be nurture through smart content and lovable social media marketing that delivers personalized valuable content.



Content Marketing

This is our new video illustrating how content marketing can help your business!

Online Marketing: Does Your Business Need It?

Why does your business need a online marketing agency?

Internet marketing or online marketing is relatively inexpensive, your business can reach a wide audience for a fraction of traditional advertising budgets. Utilising a variety of methods such as pay-per-click advertising, banner advertisements, pr and article marketing, affiliate marketing programs, SEO, social media and email marketing allows your business to connect with and successfully target clients. The internet also enables consumers to easily access to information about your products and services, aiding them in the consumer decision-making process.

The term Internet marketing can mean a variety of things, and again it encapsulates many elements, regardless of this most businesses cannot afford not look to the future. The reality is that we are shifting towards and information based economy, where consumers are increasingly using and relying on the internet to acquire information, interact socially and purchase good and services. Refraining to accept the internet as a marketing channel is careless and naive for the most part. Usable, accessible and relevant websites should become a necessity.

Even with the benefit of relatively inexpensive advertising and measurable results, most businesses can’t rely solely on internet marketing. This is why agencies such as Keystone Marketing may also incorporate elements such as content marketing, outdoor and display advertising and branding into your marketing strategy, based on the target audiences behaviour and needs of the client. This why our online advertising solutions are a great option for small businesses.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of content for the purpose of engaging consumers and promoting a product or service. Though the focus of this content may not specifically be about your organization or its offerings, often items created for the purpose of content marketing include a mix of problem-specific information and thought leadership offering high-quality, relevant and valuable information.

Content marketing offers you a great opportunity to generate media that is useful for your target audience, that in-turn provides a free marketing channel, allowing you to promote your business, build trust, increase brand awareness and demonstrate your expertise. Read More

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Social Revolution | Social Media Video | Keystone Marketing

Social Revolution | Social Media Video | Keystone Marketing.

Social Revolution: Is social media a fad?

If you are tentative about incorporating a social media strategy into your marketing plan, and are still wondering whether social media is a fad, this video is a must watch for you. This short video is captivating, unique and offers some powerful stats about social media and the internet, it’s likely to clear your doubts about social media. This is a must watch video for anyone in marketing and small business owners.

Every company’s internet marketing strategy should incorporate social media; as it offers a unique platform enabling organizations to engage in customer relationship management (CRM), sales nurturing, branding, promotion and strategic communications in a unified and consolidated manner. Social media will let you build relationships and trust, create connections and increase your exposure. Social media also lets the consumer engage with the organization, offering a dynamic relationship that lacked in the past.

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